Deck Guide

Demigod NA Rank 1 Legend Aggro Shaman

January 21, 2016

Demigod continually finds himself going back to what he loves – Shaman. Check out this guide on his Aggro Shaman list that he used to get to Rank 1 Legend. Basic Strategy The win condition [Read More…]

Deck Guide

Bloody’s Eboladin Guide

December 8, 2015

Hello everybody! My name is Jonathan “Bloody” Kaplan, the main shoutcaster and an up and coming streamer for Vicious Syndicate! Nowadays in the meta I feel like we haven’t been seeing quite enough face…that is, [Read More…]

Deck Analysis

Demigod’s OTK TrickLock

October 26, 2015

Greetings minions, servants, and soldiers of Hearthstone! My name is Jaron “Demigod” Nolasco and I play for Vicious Syndicate Gaming. It’s been a while since I wrote a piece for you guys so here I [Read More…]

Deck Guide

Coradin, A Secret Paladin Success Story

September 26, 2015

Well met! My name is Cora and I’m a legend rank Hearthstone player for Vicious Syndicate Gaming under the name CGSongbird. With the release of TGT, I was eager to learn new classes and improve [Read More…]