Data Reaper Schedule Update

In the words of Professor Putricide: Good news, everyone!

The community’s response in helping us recover our database has been very encouraging and appreciated. The next Data Reaper Report will be published on schedule: Thursday, April 16th. It will reflect the post-patch meta, after the balance changes to Demon Hunter.

This was possible thanks to you. With our HDT plugin losing functionality after the revamped ranked mode, we needed as many players as possible to download the new version ( we’ve released last week before the launch of Ashes of Outland. You have stepped up and done so.

Still, there are many past contributors who have not re-installed their plugin. If your plugin is not the most updated version, it will not contribute games to the Data Reaper. Delete it from HDT and install the new plugin which is available HERE.

We encourage everyone to continue to sign up, install the plugin and increase our database further. The more data we have, the more content we’ll be able to produce. Wild Reports could become more frequent. New and fascinating metrics that are currently in the shelf, could be presented. There are many things we can do with more data, and we will also work to expand our ability to collect data.

Furthermore, we’re currently working to update the Live App with the new ranked system, and hopefully we’ll return it to full functionality soon.

There will be another major vS announcement this week, so stay tuned!


The Vicious Syndicate Team


  1. How do I know if I’m contributing data correctly and how many games I have contributed with? Does anybody know?

  2. excellent ! I have contributed with 160 games … not so lucky outcome … I need your report 🙂

  3. Excellent news indeed ! I’m glad the community has answered quickly enough, and I can’t wait for your next announcement.
    You do a great job and thanks to you I improved in HS since 3-4 years. Without your weekly report my experience wouldn’t be the same. Keep it up guys ! 🙂

  4. It’s great to hear that data contributions are coming in! I really enjoy your reports and I’m happy they’ll keep coming in. I installed the plugin when it was released but I’ve been having trouble with it. Every time I restart my computer it is toggled off in the deck tracker. Do you have any way to fix this to keep it on all the time? It gets really annoying to have to manually turn it on every day.

    • “Note: There is a rare issue in which the plugin does not remain enabled when re-opening HDT. If you run into this issue, running the program as administrator will fix it.”

  5. I’m playing from MAC right now and decktracker is garbage here. I hope we’ll see improvements, or even an alternative, so that I can continue supporting you guys. Keep up the awesome content!

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