New Membership Plan for Ad-Free Viewing: vS Silver

A new inexpensive membership plan that provides viewers an ad-free experience throughout our website.

Greetings, vS followers!

Over the years, we’ve been committed to keeping our reports free and open to the community. This is something that we feel is important and we would like to keep this commitment going forward. To fund our operations, both computing but most importantly the time it takes to prepare our content, and to keep ourselves going, we’ve relied on revenues from advertisements, as well as the contributions from of a portion of our readers through vS Gold memberships and Patreon. They’ve been extremely helpful.

We’ve heard feedback about our ads being sometimes overwhelming, especially on mobile devices. People don’t like ads. We feel that. We don’t like ads either, but our revenue through ads makes it possible for us to continue to put in hours upon hours into this work.

We’ve heard feedback that because ad-free viewing is tied into vS Gold membership, the monthly cost can be prohibitive to some, especially to those who are simply interested in ad-free viewing and not in all the other bonuses that come from the vS Gold membership. We heard you.

So, we’ve decided to launch an additional membership plan: vS Silver. It provides two benefits: a cool discord tag on our server, and ad-free viewing. It costs $1.49 per month. That’s the lowest we could go. You can sign up annually for $14.99, effectively getting two months free. 

We hope this provides an affordable and viable option for those who wish they could whitelist us on their AdBlock, but really dislike ads. You can now contribute just a little bit every month to help us out and not worry about ads.

You can now also sign up annually for vS Gold and save $10.

To summarize, you now have a wide range of options to support the content that we produce:

vS Silver ($1.49/month or $14.99/year)

  • Ad-free viewing.
  • vS Silver Discord tag.

vS Gold ($4.99/month or $49.99/year)

  • Ad-free viewing.
  • vS Gold Discord tag.
  • vS Gold Live App (bonus features on our Live App).
  • Access to vibrant supporters-only Discord channels, where you can find:
    • Data-related scoops throughout the week. Expert discussion and deckbuilding advice.
    • Early access to the next report’s decklists as they’re produced (The Data Reaper’s “lab”).

vS Patreon ($10 or more/month)

  • All vS Gold benefits
  • vS Patreon Discord tag
  • A special, personal thank you at the end of every Data Reaper Report.


You can also support the vS Data Reaper Podcast separately or in combination with the above programs. 

Thank you so much for your support over the years,

The vS Team.

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  1. As someone in the “the Gold monthly cost is prohibitive” category, this is great, thank you! Signed up as soon as I saw it!

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