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As you may already know, we collect game data from generous contributors who shared their Track-o-Bot information with us. Now, we are proud to launch a plugin for Hearthstone Deck Tracker that will allow us to collect games from contributors who strictly use HDT.

To sign up in order to share your games with us using HDT, visit our HDT Plugin page.

With the ability to collect game data from both ToB and HDT, we hope to significantly increase the amount of games we analyze weekly. Hopefully, with the additional data, we will be able to answer more complicated questions and establish new metrics in order to analyze the Hearthstone meta.

We hope to offer future benefits to users who contribute their game data with us, so please make sure to provide a valid email address when signing up. This will allow us get in touch with you whenever there are important updates relevant to your contributions through the plugin.

Thank you,

The Vicious Syndicate Team

Sign Up to share your game data with us using ToB or HDT!


  1. What if somebody already enlisted (a long time ago) via Track-o-Bot and then resubmits with the HDT plugin? Have you taken precautions to eliminate duplicate data from the two sources?

    • Yes we have! You can submit games via TOB and HDT and we will be able to toss the duplicate games. Also, if you’d like to cancel submitting via TOB you can just regenerate your token and we’ll stop receiving TOB data.

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