Upcoming Data Reaper Report Schedule


With balance changes hitting us last Wednesday, on May 22nd, and another game changing patch arriving on June 3rd, we would like to update our readers about the upcoming Data Reaper Report schedule.

The next Data Reaper Report #131 will be published on Saturday, June 1st. It will discuss the post-patch meta after the nerfs to EVIL Miscreant, Preparation, Raiding Party and Archivist Elysiana.

We are also planning to publish special content in the build up to the Rise of the Mech patch, where a new legendary is released alongside BUFFS (Yes, buffs!) to 18 cards from The Boomsday Project set.

Data Reaper Report #132 will discuss the Rise of the Mech meta, and is scheduled to be published on Thursday, June 13th.

We’re looking forward to evaluating the meta at this time of significant shake-ups, and hope you come along for the ride.



The Vicious Syndicate Team


  1. James this also feeds into that mech zoolock and new additions into mech pally as well. fatigue warrior still stomps bomb hunter and who knows what spells we will get also. i have been smashing on bomb hunt with a control freeze style conjurer mage with Rof snap freeze nova doom sayer blizzard poly keysmith and the usual conjur package. remember conjur spell can be used definsively against magnetized minions!!!

    • Would love to see this deck list. I loved freeze mage and have been playing a version recently that I enjoy but yours sounds better!

  2. I’m disappointed the nerfs to Rogue didn’t shake up the meta as much as we expected. Shaman won a few points, but Paladin; Priest; and Warlock remain mediocre mono-deck classes. It doesn’t look like the Mech patch will change that. Paladin aside (that 1-mana Crystology looks insane), it only benefits the classes that are already good.

    • I think u are completely right. If we weren’t scared enough of Mech Hunter taking Rogue spot well then now we definetely are. I think Rogue went aside to only crown Hunter and leave us in the same situation with meta of a single deck and it’s counter(s) and that is one lame boring ass meta.

    • Perhaps one other option would be Mech-Token Druid. There are already a lot of Mech tokens generators. Explodinator, Microbot Controller, Replicating Menace, and now SNIP-SNAP…could it work alonside the Druid token core?

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