vS Data Reaper Report #16

A weekly Hearthstone Meta Report based on data from over 63,000 games.

Data Reaper Report LogovS Data Reaper Report #16

 Welcome to the 16th edition of the Data Reaper Report!

Our Data Reaper Project, including the Data Reaper Live (Beta) has over 2,000 contributors. Without them, this project would not be possible, so we’d like to thank all of our contributors for their help.

More contributors mean more accurate win rate information. With the new adventure rolling, we need as many contributors as possible to quickly identify new archetypes, and better evaluate their power levels. If you have not done so already, please sign up with your Track-O-Bot information here:

Sign Up - Data Reaper ReportPreparing our weekly article requires a significant amount of time and effort from many individuals. We would like to wholeheartedly thank our current Patreons, whose generous donations help us fund computing and server costs. If you’d like to help support our initiative to provide high-quality data-driven content to the community for free, you can join our team by supporting us on Patreon:

patreon ad wideWe begin with our deck frequency charts for games recorded between August 24 and August 30. Note that due to the timing of the report and its preparation, we may not be able to discuss some of the builds that end up finishing the month at high legend ranks. We prefer keeping the consistency of providing a report at the same time every week, and we will likely discuss some of these decks next week.

The first chart shows all ranks, and the second can be switched between different ranks. For the entire week, we’ve compiled 63k games overall. We recorded about 40k games at ranks 1-10, 8k games at ranks 11-15 and 13k games at legend.

We’ve been following the changing inner Metagame of the Druid class very closely, and we’re noticing the emergence of a few sub-archetypes that are very closely knit together, similarly to Miracle Rogue’s current state. More Token Druids are utilizing Malygos as a late game finisher, and some are even dropping the Token package for Auctioneer, speeding up the cycle of the deck. We’ve decided that, for now, these sub-archetypes will stay together under the “Yogg Druid” tag. This is both due to semantic reasons, and to avoid inaccuracies that may emerge as a result of splitting these decks completely, or making too many changes that could end up being reverted. We’re continuing to observe the class with our radar and when we feel it is beneficial to create splits in definitions, we will do so. We predict there are more twists and turns coming up for the class, and would like to maintain consistency under this transition period of new card influx.


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