The Comprehensive Saviors of Uldum Preview

Data Reaper Report - Warlock

Sinister Deal

Sinister Deal(90804).png

This card is decent. It is one of the weaker lackey generators, but it will probably still see play because Warlock will want all the lackeys it can get due to EVIL Recruiter. Serviceable.

Score: 2

Neferest Thrasher

Neferset Thrasher(90816).png

3 mana Yeti is just good, and the card is a strong follow up to EVIL Recruiter as well as Diseased Vulture if we decide to play it. It’s a massive upgrade on Pit Lord because having an over-statted minion 1 turn earlier is a big deal and the drawback could become an asset.

Score: 3

Evil Recruiter

EVIL Recruiter(90736).pngEVIL Demon(90763).png

Yeah, so this card is just broken. There’s no need to explain it in a complicated manner. This is a 3 mana 7/7 or a 4 mana 8/8 depending on how you want to look at it. Lackeys are good. They just became better in Warlock. This card is much better than Flamewreathed Faceless. Broken.

Score: 4

Plague of Flames

Plague of Flames(90773).png

Another unbelievably strong card. Turns Rafaam’s Scheme and Fiendish Circle into AOE enablers in control decks. The card costs so low that most possible activators for this will result in a big tempo gain. The only way this card doesn’t see play in this expansion is if slower Warlock decks fall completely flat, which is certainly possible. Remember that it took Defile one additional expansion to become meta. This is a Defile-level card.

Score: 4

Expired Merchant

Expired Merchant(90723).png

Very interesting card, with two interesting applications that immediately come to mind. One is copying giants, which Handlock would appreciate, and the other is chaining infinite value through Soulwardens. The problem is that both plans are slow to set-up, so they may not pan out. Merchant mostly displays potential for us.

Score: 2



This card is bad. It’s slightly better than Assassinate with a horrendous drawback. We really don’t want to draw Worthless Imps instead of good cards from our deck.

Score: 1

Diseased Vulture

Diseased Vulture(90752).png

A card we wouldn’t be interested in if it wasn’t for Thrasher, which makes this an enticing 3-4 curve. The vulture can snowball if left alone but it’s mostly good when we don’t need to spend mana to activate it. May promote heavier Zoo builds that don’t run Magic Carpet.

Score: 2



This card could have been good if Warlock had reliable forms of healing to make up for the drawback, but these options don’t really exist in the current format. Should be incredible in Wild due to Molten Giants and Hooked Reavers, but in standard it’s a strong tempo card that doesn’t have a great deck to go into.

Score: 2

Dark Pharaoh Tekahn

Dark Pharaoh Tekahn(90777).png

We’re a bit skeptic that this card is strong enough to see play since Zoo doesn’t have the ability to produce a huge number of lackeys that could justify this legendary, and those lackeys are also used to fuel EVIL Recruiter, so this makes Tekahn a tough sell.

Score: 2

Supreme Archaeology

Supreme Archaeology(90697).pngTome of Origination(90699).png

This is the worst quest of this expansion. Ticks all the wrong boxes. The slowest quest to complete of them all. Requires us to build a Plot Twist deck, which is the only way we can accelerate quest completion in a meaningful way. The reward comes online at a point where we’ve drawn most of our deck already, and the hero power doesn’t even reliably affect the board. Just terrible.

Score: 1

Final Thoughts

Saviors of Uldum Set Rank: 6th

Overall Power Ranking: 8th

Warlock’s set has one major star. EVIL Recruiter is just nuts. It is a completely unfair card that provides a major upgrade for Zoo Warlock, and yet we’re still not sure whether the archetype can succeed in Saviors of Uldum just because most other classes have also received powerful cards. Other classes received more well-rounded sets that didn’t concentrate most of their power in one card as much as Warlock.

Now, we will reiterate that Plague of Flame is also nuts, but we’re not optimistic about late game Warlock strategies for the same reason Defile was not enough in Knights of the Frozen Throne. History has taught us that Warlock needs strong healing tools to make them competitive. Instead of meaningful healing, Warlock got an atrocious quest that asks us to constantly life tap, which is ironic.

This means that Saviors of Uldum could be another expansion in which Warlock goes “Zoo or Bust”. We don’t think Zoo will be a bust, but it probably won’t be one of the strongest decks in the game if Warrior remains dominant, so don’t expect miracles here.




  1. One more thing about the Warrior quest: Yes it does conflict with Madlad Boom but I think H4xx0r Warrior will be its own deck and even be very good (like tier 2). Warrior is already on the verge if being broken, and imo the Bomb-Control-Quest dark triad of warrior decks will dominate the meta. Madlad Boom will finally be nerfed.

  2. My 2 cents:

    – You’re overrating the Druid quest. You’re underestimating the huge tempo loss of having to spare mana on the first turns. Druid is a class that naturally struggles with tempo and this is making things worse. If there were more cards like Oasis Surger that are insane when the effects arr combined, it could hve been viable, but those that exist are too scarce. I can see it being viable later expansions.

    – Similarily you’re overestimating the warlock set. The quest sucks, we agree on that (it’s even worse than Lakaari Sac!) but the lackey synergy doesn’t compensate for that. Youre way too optimistic about EVIL summoner, its harder to activate than you think. Will see play for sure but its not insane.

    – Bug Collector is the sleeper neutral common of the set. It’s excellent tempo and fits in a wide variety of decks. I may be completely wrong but if im right i’ll take credit. Jar Dealer and Pit Crocolisk could see some fring constructed play.

    Apart from that, I agree with the rest of your analysis.

  3. I love that you all are doing this for every expansion now. love, love, love how informative it is for the reader. thank you.

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