The Comprehensive Murder at Castle Nathria Preview

Summary of Ranks

Class Murder at Castle Nathria Overall
Demon Hunter 9 9
Druid 2 1
Hunter 4 5
Mage 8 7
Paladin 5 8
Priest 6 6
Rogue 3 4
Shaman 7 3
Warlock 1 2
Warrior 10 10




  1. Love these, and appreciate the time you all put in. One small note – could you organize the final page by overall power ranking vs alphabetically?

  2. This read made me very excited for the new expansion. Many classes are getting new fresh and fun tools. Scared of druid though, but lets hope rafaam takes care of that.

  3. Excellent write up! Was very entertaining and informative to read as well. Some really well balanced analysis here that makes me more excited for August 2nd, and scared. But excited.

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