What started from boredom as a result of the lack of meta developments in two dying classes, ended up becoming a popular weekly meme in the Data Reaper Report. The stories of Garrosh and Thrall captured the hearts of the community, so much so that it was heavily requested to be a continuing feature, regardless of whether or not the fates of Warrior and Shaman as competitive classes change in The Witchwood.

Therefore, Vicious Syndicate is happy to announce the launch of a new spin-off series, which will tell the tales of the two Orcs and their antics while playing their favorite card game. It will be a weekly piece published on our website every weekend.

We turned to you, the community to come up with the name for the series. Hence, the adventures of Thrall and Garrosh evolved into A Song of Fiery War Axe & Ice Breaker.

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The Early Days (The first 9 episodes featured in the Data Reaper Report.)